Megaupload founder was also the #1 ranked Modern Warfare 3 player


Last week, file sharing site Megaupload was shut down and its founder, Kim Dotcom, was arrested under charges of piracy and illegal activity. But, despite his nefarious reputation and $175 million net worth, Dotcom’s real passion seems to be Call of Duty. On New Year’s Eve just a few weeks ago, Dotcom (known as MEGARACER in the game) became the #1 ranked Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 player in the world.

The video below shows the site owner celebrating his milestone of more than 150,000 kills. It also shows that he spent at least a dozen hours straight playing the game, which is sad or awesome, depending on your point of view.

A funny story as is, but VentureBeat reports that Dotcom may have also been the world’s #1 pirate of Modern Warfare 3 as well. MW3 was the second most pirated game of 2011, right behind Crysis 2, but beating out Battlefield 3. Pirated copies of the game were in circulation before its Nov. 8 release. Though, to be fair, it’s likely that Dotcom bought a legitimate copy as well, since Activision Blizzard threatened to kick off those without purchased copies of the game. Don’t feel too bad for Activision: the publisher has raked in more than 15 million in sales from MW3.

What does this prove? Well, not much, except that, as my colleague Andrew Couts points out “even if you make $42 million a year, the best thing in life is still video games.” Dotcom also recently said in a tweet that he’s pretty good at Mario Kart. We’ll take his word for it.