The Metro series goes mobile with Metro 2033: Wars

4A Games developed a dark, rich, and engrossing universe when the studio adapted Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novel Metro 2033 into a video game. Its sequel, Metro: Last Light, made the experience even better, with top-notch visuals and a hard-as-nails difficulty. But if you don’t want to read the novel or play a shooter, then it looks like you now have another option, as Metro 2033 is now a mobile RPG.

Developed by DaSuppa Games, Metro 2033: Wars is a turn-based RPG, which the studio says drew influence from the first two Fallout games, as well as “the early XCOM series.”

While the combat does bear a resemblance to those aforementioned turn-based strategy games, DaStuppa opted for the cartoony “mobile art style” of games like Trials Frontier and Lara Croft: Relic Run. This is in very stark contrast to the gritty, detailed environments of the 4A console games.

But before you think that the Metro series sold its soul, it looks like there may actually be hope for Metro 2033: Wars. Unlike most mobile spin-offs, the game uses a traditional (i.e. not free-to-play) pricing structure costing $8, and promises that the game will still be “story-driven,” which is especially important in the Metro series. While the combat and enemy variety was never bad in the two console games, it was, more often than not, just a way to pass time between key narrative moments.

If you’re more interested in playing a “traditional” Metro experience, we highly recommend Metro: Redux on current-generation consoles. The two-game collection tightens up the shooting controls on the original Metro 2033, and we called it “a single package that elevates 4A Games’ series to championship status.” It also acts as a great advertisement for Glukhovsky’s books — they’re scattered all over the tables when you enter a hub area.

Metro 2033: Wars is available now on both iOS and Android.