Metroid Prime 2 Could Launch In 2004

According to a story which originated in the UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine, both eagerly anticipated sequel Metroid Prime 2 and innovative body-swapping FPS title Geist will arrive on these shores before the end of the year on the GameCube.

The article also quotes Nintendo development supremo Shigeru Miyamoto asking fans to be patient about news on his current central project, a new Mario title which has been dubbed Mario 128 by the press, and confirming that work is underway on a new Zelda game for the Cube.

The news will provide a boost to the GameCube’s release schedule in Europe this year, which already includes major titles such as Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle and Pokemon Colosseum, as well as hoped-for releases of games such as Starfox 2 and RPG titles Tales of Symphonia and Baten Kaitos.

It also confirms that Nintendo’s first- and second-party support for the Cube remains strong, putting paid to speculation that the company was beginning to gradually shift its internal focus to creating titles for the “N5” next-generation hardware.