Microsoft teases ‘Halo 5’ at E3 2013, coming to Xbox One in 2014

Halo Xbox One Reveal 04

Microsoft certainly heard the message that the Xbox One unveiling was too focused on television and didn’t spend enough time showing off the gaming. At the E3 2013 press conference, all that changed, and the focus was almost entirely on gaming. So it should come as no surprise that Microsoft unveiled the next chapter in the Halo franchise, Halo 5.

The announcement came in the form of a brief teaser trailer that showed very little in terms of the story. Master Chief was seen walking through a desert environment wearing a cloak, holding Cortana’s now defunct interface. The ground then gave way, and a giant mech rose from the sand.

There was no actual gameplay, and the announcement simply listed 2014 as the release. If the series follows suit, it may be late Fall next year. 343 Industries took the stage following the teaser, and confirmed that the game would run in 60 fps, and generally be awesome. We may have to wait a bit for more details though.

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