Microsoft claims Korean Xbox Live success

However, there’s a bit of a catch – namely the fact that Microsoft only shipped between 500 and 1000 units of the starter kit for launch, in a territory which leads the world for penetration of online gaming and has an installed base of some 60,000 Xboxen.

The company reportedly plans to ship an additional 1000 units of the kit, which includes a 12 month subscription to Xbox Live, voice communicator and demos of Mech Assault and Moto GP, in the coming days.

South Korea is rapidly becoming a PR battleground for Microsoft and Sony, as both companies strive to build the popularity of console gaming in an area which has embraced PC online gaming like no other. For Microsoft, success in South Korea would be a morale boost for the company’s efforts in Asia, and would probably be branded as proof that the failure of Xbox in Japan is simply due to Sony and Nintendo’s home advantage.