Microsoft Details Games Changes

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At Gamefest 2008, Microsoft has announced it’s making changes to its Games for Windows Live and Xbox Live services, according to a TechNewsWorld report.

All members of Games for Windows Live will be able to play all games, as games fees have been removed. The company is also set to bring in a Games for Windows Live Marketplace.

The Xbox Live service changes will be a boon to independent developers, as the brand-new “Xbox Live Community Games” marketplace will offer games created by members of the XNA Creators Club at a price between $2.50 and $10.00 per game (users will pay in Microsoft points). Developers, however, will have to pay to join the XNA Creators Club – $99 a year – and will receive up to 70% of the revenue on their games.

As to the Games for Windows Live Marketplace, games will be downloadable either free or at cost, and Microsoft has lowered the technical requirements for developers working on games for Windows Live.