Microsoft Gives DLC Early Adopters One Week Free Service

Less than one week ago, thousands of eager-eyed Xbox Live users rushed online to shell out the $15 for the new Modern Warfare 2 “Stimulus Package” DLC, only to discover connectivity issues, problems with the matchmaking, and repeated dropped games. It was soon apparent that there were technical issues across the board, and patience- not a virtue typically associated with online first person shooter gamers- would be gives dlc early adopters one week free service call of duty modern warfare 2 20100325073849180

Xbox Live spokesperson Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb quickly confirmed that, “Matchmaking is in a bad state on Xbox Live right now. We’re working on it and will resolve it as quickly as we can.” Within hours a new update was released, and connectivity saw an immediate improvement. According to the Xbox Live operations blog, the issue was simply a matter of releasing the necessary- and planned- title update after the DLC, instead of before.

One week on, Microsoft has announced that it will be issuing seven days of free Xbox Live to existing Gold account members that purchased the DLC on day-one. But not as an apology. Hryb confirmed to IGN that the offer was to thank buyers for their loyalty to Xbox Live.

Despite the obvious lack of any mention regarding the connectivity issues, the refund is a nice gesture, although it equates to roughly $1.86 in savings for purchasers of the $15 DLC.

Account holders will be notified via their Xbox Live profiles that they are eligible for the free week. The credit will reach accounts during the May 1st billing cycle.