Microsoft offers huge, one-day-only Elder Scrolls sale


For the past few weeks Microsoft has been counting down the days left until the end of 2012 by offering various new and interesting discounts every day. Most of these have paled in comparison to some of the other special deals we’ve seen this holiday season, but for the last day of the promotion Microsoft is really going all out by offering up all of the Elder Scrolls games available on the Xbox 360 at bargain prices.

Obviously the most tantalizing items on offer are Skyrim and its DLC additions. While the digital download version of Skyrim is still sitting at its initial $60 price point, today’s sale cuts that price in half. Now you can download the entirety of Skyrim from the Xbox Live Marketplace for a mere $30. The game’s DLC have likewise been massively reduced in price: Act today and you can get the Dawnguard expansion for $10 (that’s 50 percent off its normal retail price) and the Hearthfire expansion for only $2.50 (also half off its standard $5 price point).

In case you missed its initial debut in 2006, this sale is also offering big discounts on Oblivion and its expansion packs. The main game will set you back $10 (that’s 33 percent off its normal $15 price), while its expansions, Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine, will set you back $7.50 and $2.50, respectively (both are discounted by 50 percent).

As with all previous offers in this ongoing sale, these deals are only available until midnight tonight. Once the clock rolls over into 2013 we’ll be right back to paying standard retail prices for the above list of Bethesda hits. Thus, this seems an opportune time for those of you who’ve somehow missed the Xbox 360’s most notable roleplaying game to finally give it a shot. For less than $43 you can have all of the latest, greatest content Bethesda’s developers have put together for Skyrim. That would be great by itself, but given that we’re about to fall into the post-holiday game release drought, that’s a pretty solid deal for a game designed to keep you occupied for a few months at a time.