Microsoft Offers Xbox Live Gold Family Pack For $100

microsoft offers xbox live gold family pack for 100 hd wallpaper

With more and more of an emphasis being placed on the online services available on Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, it makes sense that the company would look to expand its online membership. With the new XBL Gold Family Pack package, gamers can connect online under their own accounts, rather than logging in online as guests, or simply sharing the same account.

The announcement, first reported by Gamersblog, will allow four users to connect with their own XBL Gold membership. Typically, the service costs $50 per year per person. With the new package, $99 will set up four people for a year.

The account would also come with a “family center” setting, allowing the primary account holder to purchase MS points and distribute them, and the announcement promises exclusive family content and discounts, although it did not say what those might be.

It may not seem like a major change, and maybe it isn’t, but it is a nice addition, and hopefully signifies the shift into multiple packages for the XBL service.