Microsoft promises a Halo ‘digital feature project,’ whatever that is, later this year

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Microsoft and 343 Industries are promising a new “digital feature project” later this year, but neither have confirmed what exactly that means, according to Joystiq. This won’t be related to the upcoming Steven Spielberg-produced live-action show for Xbox Entertainment; Microsoft wants to make it clear that this new project won’t interfere with that “premium” show.

No other details on the project have been revealed, not even what type of approach it’s taking. Halo recently had a high profile web-series with Forward Unto Dawn, but all we really know about this new one is that Ridley Scott will act as executive producer, while Sergio Mimica-Gezzan will direct.

Scott’s name carries a lot of weight as the creator of the Alien series, of course, and his next effort as a director, Exodus: Gods and Kings, hits theaters later this year. Mimica-Gezzan isn’t quite as well known, having done most of his work as a as a director on various TV series’, including Battlestar Galactica, Falling Skies, and Hell on Wheels.