Microsoft Studios ramps up security as Xbox 720 release looms

microsoft durango

The Xbox 720, or Durango, is already out in the wild and in developer’s hands. It has been for some time, as evidenced by the attempted sale of one unit back in July. It’s even been said that Microsoft is in the process of fine tuning production of the machine, since it’s been having trouble making the Xbox 720’s Oban microchip. The question isn’t whether or not the machine exists, but of when it will finally be released.

Based on activity at the company’s Redmond, Washington campus, Microsoft’s Entertainment division that houses the Xbox team is certainly gearing up to release something. Sources within the company have said that Microsoft has told employees that it’s greatly increasing security.

Microsoft Studios A, B, C, and D, all four of which house Xbox and Interactive Entertainment Business staffs, will now be restricted to many people, with only employees and vendors allowed to enter.

The company is apparently extra sensitive about leaked information regarding its future console plans. The release of a document detailing a 10-year plan for the Xbox brand as well as numerous patents have spurred the new measures.

Source: GeekWire