Microsoft to spend $500 million on promoting Kinect

microsoft kinect conveyor belt packaging

Microsoft is making a serious promotional push to make sure that every holiday shopper knows about the company’s latest piece of gaming hardware, Kinect. The NY Post reports, that Microsoft has allocated a whopping $500 million on marketing  alone for Kinect.

You can expect to see the device being touted in Burger Kings, on Pepsi cans, on cereal boxes, and even on daytime talk shows. That’s right; Microsoft has announced that Kinect will be featured on episodes of both Oprah and “the Ellen DeGeneres Show” before its Nov. 4 North American release date. In what could be taken as a bit of promotional overkill, the NY post reports also that Microsoft began planning the marketing campaign a year and half ago alongside Hollywood blockbusting director, Steve Spielberg.

Kinect, originally known as Project Natal, hopes to bring a complete physical experience to the Xbox 360. The device functions without a traditional controller and instead relies on a sensing-camera to track users’ movements. Microsoft expects the Kinect to directly compete with both Nintendo’s Wii and the PlayStation Move for a share of the market.

Microsoft has stated that there will be 17 titles available at launch for Kinect. The company has also arranged for thousands of retailers to open at midnight on Nov. 4 to begin sales and boost demand for the product. The Kinect will sell for $149 by itself, or for $299 bundled with the Xbox 360 console.