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Microsoft Turns Xbox 360 into a Box Office with Movie Ticket Sales

Microsoft really wants you use the Xbox 360 for everything. Everything.  From a proposed exclusive TV channel, to the streaming Netflix service, to watching ESPN online, Microsoft wants the Xbox 360 and the Xbox Live network to offer something for everyone. Even if that service means turning the console off and going out.

CrunchGear was the first to report that the website will soon be featured on the dashboard of the Xbox 360, allowing users to purchase tickets for movies in the theater right off of XBL. Well, sort of.

Xbox LIVE members in the U.S. are now able to make mobile movie ticket purchases through a text-in or a Microsoft Tag viewed in movie studio advertisements. By clicking on a feature film’s advertisement on Xbox LIVE, a user can download and interact with relevant movie content. In addition, they can now activate a Microsoft Tag via their mobile phone which will direct the consumer to a co-branded website to purchase tickets through all domestic theater partners, which includes several of the largest exhibitors in the U.S.

No word yet on when the service will go active.

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