Modern Warfare 2 Moves to Second Best Selling Game of All Time

It was a good month for video games. The NPD Market Research Group recently announced that March saw a 6 percent increase in video game sales.  Part of that is due to Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2, which has now become the second best selling video game of all time.modern warfare 2 moves to second best selling game of all time

The recent battle between publisher Activision and (now former) Infinity Ward heads has stolen most of the headlines in recent days, but the game itself continues to smash records everywhere. A recently released map pack for the Xbox 360 exclusively broke every former XBL record, and the PC and PS3 will be receiving the DLS at the end of the month.

The game jumped from third place to second in just over a month, but the first place spot will be a bit tougher to reach. Although no specific numbers have been release quite yet, Modern Warfare 2 has a tough battle to take the number one spot. The Wii Play is the current king, and with one copy packaged with every Wii sold, that puts the number at over 60 million.

Update:  The Wii Play is the top selling game of all time, but it came bundled with a Wii controller, not the Wii itself.  The Wii Sports came with the Wii.  The “second best selling” refers to the amount of money made by the game, not the number of copies sold.  As such, Modern Warfare 2 is the second best selling game of all time.