Modern Warfare 3 officially confirmed, with four new teaser trailers

modern warfare 3 officially confirmed with four new teaser trailers mw3When it rains information, it pours. Just last week, Activision refused to comment on the next Call of Duty title. Listening to them, it was as if they were surprised that there even was a Call of Duty game. They were keeping the details as quiet as possible, despite the intense scrutiny on what will probably be the year’s biggest release. What a difference a week makes.

It was generally assumed that the next Call of Duty game would be Modern Warfare 3, developed by what is left of Infinity Ward, with an assist from Sledgehammer Games who helped with the single player campaign, and Raven Software, who assisted with the multiplayer. But still, details on the game were difficult to come by.

Then yesterday details came out, in a big way. The single player campaign story was leaked, from the first battle in downtown Manhattan, to the final confrontation in Dubai.  A few multiplayer details were released as well, but the majority of the information is based on the campaign, which will take the world to the brink of catastrophe.

The scale of the new title can only be described as epic. Conflicts rage around the globe, from New York, to London to Paris and on. The following trailers, which are the first official releases from Activision, are each designed for a specific region, and so America, England, France and Germany all received their own trailers–each of which is similar, but unique.

Expect to hear a whole, whole lot more about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in the coming months, likely beginning next month at E3. Then keep an eye out for the game’s release on November 8.