Modern Warfare 3’s first content collection hits Xbox Live on March 20

modern warfare 3s first content collection hits xbox live on march 20 black box environmentWhile Activision’s experiment in combining social networking and digitally shooting people in the head got off to a shaky start, there is one thing that Call of Duty Elite has delivered on—new content drops. Much to the chagrin (and jealousy) of non-members. 

Those that signed up for the Elite premium service are deep into the first three additional maps for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and another is due soon. But the vast majority have been waiting patiently (actually, probably not so patiently, but without much choice in the matter) until Activision releases the first of at least three planned content collections, which is now officially set for March 20.

modern warfare 3s first content collection hits xbox live on march 20 black ice  snowmobile infiltrationThe first content collection will feature four multiplayer competitive maps: “Liberation,” “Piazza,” “Overwatch,” and a new map that even Elite members have yet to see, “Black Box.” The collection will also feature two new Special Ops missions, “Black Ice” and “Negotiator.”

Activision has yet to announce a price, but the collections released for previous Call of Duty games all cost $15.

If you haven’t seen them yet and are curious about the three maps that are currently available to Elite members, you can read our review of the “Liberation” and “Piazza” maps here, and check out “Overwatch” here.

modern warfare 3s first content collection hits xbox live on march 20 negotiator  hostage crisisThe fourth, and as yet unreleased map, “Black Box,” will put players in the middle of the crash of Air Force One in a Southern California suburb. As for the Special Ops missions, the first, “Black Ice,” will take place in a frozen landscape that leads into a diamond mine, where you need to plant explosives in order to shut down operations. “Negotiator” takes place in India during a hostage situation. You are tasked with breaching and clearing the location, then getting the hostages to safety.

For Elite premium members, “Black Box” and both Special Ops missions will be available to download on March 13 for those on Xbox Live.

The full content package will be available to purchase and download on March 20. Activision has yet to announce when it will release the DLC on PS3 or PC, but if it keeps with tradition, you can expect a delay of about a month.