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You may finally get to play 'Modern Warfare Remastered' for a reasonable price

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered
If a Gamefly listing that has since been taken down was accurate, a standalone edition of Modern Warfare Remastered will arrive this summer. Uncovered by Charlie Intel, pages for both the Xbox One and PS4 version were up on Gamefly’s site for a short period of time. The Xbox One version was dated for July 20, while the PS4 version was tagged with a June 20 date, suggesting that the PS4 version could arrive a full month earlier. This would fall in line with the recent trend of PS4 users getting Call of Duty DLC sooner than Xbox One users.

At this time, a standalone Modern Warfare Remastered release is just a rumor, as Activision hasn’t confirmed that these listings are truthful, let alone provided expected launch dates.

If true, this would be great news for fans of the 2007 modern classic. Currently, you can only get your hands on Modern Warfare Remastered by purchasing the Legacy or Digital Deluxe version of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the latest, and particularly underwhelming, futuristic entry in the franchise. Essentially, those who have no interest in Infinite Warfare have to shell out at least $80 in order to play the admittedly excellent remaster.

While neither Activision nor Infinity Ward explicitly stated that Modern Warfare Remastered would be available as a standalone title at a later date, when detailing the post-launch map content prior to the game’s November launch, the wording hinted that it was a possibility.

If Modern Warfare Remastered arrives as a standalone title, it will be interesting to see what price Activision sets for it. Modern Warfare Remastered launched with 10 fully reworked maps, and six more were added as free DLC in December. In March, the Variety Map Pack went on sale for $15 for PS4 users, while Xbox One and PC versions are still expected at a later, undisclosed date.

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