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Take notes in style with Moleskine’s old-school Mario-themed books

The world of Super Mario in Moleskine Land

You already have your collection of Mario-themed shirts, socks, hats, pins, and pajamas, but how are you supposed to express your admiration for Nintendo’s hero while you’re working? With Moleskine’s new line of notebooks, that won’t be a problem anymore.

Moleskine’s notebooks focus primarily on the original Super Mario Bros., and you have your choice of classic elements from the platformer. These include the iconic first level with Mario and the bricks in white, an underground area, even a re-creation of the original NES cartridge. For those who played the Game Boy’s Super Mario Land growing up, there’s also a green-colored notebook meant to look like the primitive handheld’s screen as well as the Game Boy itself.

The notebooks contain different features upon opening them as well, with the Super Mario Land book showing off some more drawings of the handheld on the inside, and the NES cartridge book including a new screenshot of Super Mario Bros. Regardless of your choice, you’ll get a bookmark ribbon, elastic closure, inner pocket, and themed stickers so you can profess your love of Mario on random bathroom walls. (Don’t actually do that.)

The NES cartridge and Game Boy Moleskine notebooks currently cost $20 on the company’s website, while the two Super Mario Bros. scene notebooks cost $25.

But wait, there’s more! If you need something Mario-themed to carry with you to class, you can also pick up the Super Mario Limited Edition Rolltop Backpack for $160.

From the outside, it’s relatively unassuming, with just a few icons indicating it’s Mario-themed. Unroll the top, however, and you’ll see Mario jumping for coins, as well as the scoring information at the top of the screen. The inside comes loaded with pictures of Mario leaping through the air, and the tipper is designed to look like the A and B buttons on the original NES controller. It also contains a padded compartment for holding your laptop — undoubtedly loaded with legally ambiguous NES ROMs and an emulator — as well as the Moleskine notebook you just bought.

Which of these notebooks is your favorite? Do you feel the need to express your love for Mario at all times? Let us know in the comments.

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