Aloy from ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ joins ‘Monster Hunter World’ as exclusive DLC

With Capcom‘s upcoming Monster Hunter World, the series finally makes its triumphant return to PlayStation consoles. To celebrate the new entry, Horizon Zero Dawn content featuring protagonist Aloy’s bow and full armor set is coming exclusively to PS4. With additional Palico armor available, players can feel as if they are running around as Aloy. This time the dinosaurs aren’t robots.

When players don the Aloy armor set, any player character will look like Aloy from head to toe. This even includes the facial likeness. For the player’s Palico, armor will also be available to make it look like one of the machines from Horizon.

In order to obtain this special equipment, players must first complete the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration event quest after it is distributed to online players post-launch. Through the event, special materials can be obtained. By bringing these materials to the Smithy, the special equipment can be forged. Further details on the exact timing and availability of the collaboration will be revealed on a later date.

The big reveal also includes the introduction of the Rotten Vale area. As the name implies, it is littered with the remains of dead monsters. As players descend into its inner layers, things get more difficult and the environment fills with a toxic mist. The mist obstructs the view, making it hard to see what is next. Here,  players can fight the Radobaan, a large beast that wears carcasses as armor.

Ahead of the release, Capcom also announced during the Sony PlayStation Showcase at Paris Games Week that a beta for Monster Hunter World begins on December 9. Exclusive to PlayStation Plus members, the beta will run for three days through December 12. During the beta, players get to experience three different quests through online multiplayer or alone as they take on the beasts. The three beasts include the Great Jagras, Anjanath, or Barroth. In order to find these beasts, players must explore the Ancient Forest and the Wildspire Waste.

Monster Hunter World launches January 26 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Those looking to check out the PC release will have to wait a bit longer. For impression on the game so far, check out our preview.