More N-Gage retail incentives offered

The promotion will run through key online retailers EBGames and GameStop, and effectively sees the price of a standalone N-Gage dropping below $100 – since those retailers are already offering the device for $199, and each game retails for approximately $34.99.

Here in the UK the N-Gage has been subsidised by a number of network operators, and can be purchased for an initial payment of well under £100 – however, these prices, unlike the American prices, are conditional on signing up for a monthly operator tariff, usually for a minimum period of 12 months.

US website GameSpot reports that other retailers in the United States are also offering discount bundles for the N-Gage, with Wal-Mart selling the device online bundled with three games, a 64mb Multimedia card and a carrying case for the original retail price of $299.