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Moss: Book 2 receives surprise release this month

Moss: Book 2 has received a surprise release date announcement, and it’s much sooner than anyone could’ve anticipated.

Polyarc’s Moss sequel will launch on March 31 exclusively for PlayStation VR– though other platforms may receive the game at a later date. In other words, fans only have to wait a couple of weeks to find out what’s in store for returning main character Quill after her daring adventure in the original game.

This time around, everyone’s favorite mouse with a sword is on a new quest to save her uncle and overthrow the evil Arcane, once again casting players as an omnipresent ally who can alter environments and solve puzzles to help her navigate a beautiful but dangerous land.

Polyarc’s Josh Stiksma, Moss: Book 2‘s design director and principal engineer, told NME that the new game will be much less linear than Quill’s first outing, hinting at a larger-scale project with even more exploration and a more expansive story. “We wanted to have more varied types of interactions as you go through the game,” he said. “And then one of the things we really wanted to do is try to tell a bit more of the story in the world versus just strictly in the book.”

The original Moss was one of PS VR’s first and biggest hits and was a shining example of how traditional gameplay could mix with VR interactions with creative results. We’ll find out if the sequel manages to meet or surpass the expectations set by its predecessor when it launches on March 31.

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