Multiplayer Final Fantasy Explorers in development for 3DS

multiplayer final fantasy explorers development 3ds

Japan’s Jump magazine has shared the first details of Final Fantasy Explorers, an upcoming multiplayer action-RPG from Square Enix that’s coming to 3DS (via Siliconera). In Explorers, one to four players assume a variety of jobs (basically, character classes) from the series’ storied history to collaboratively hunt for crystals and battle summons. Multiplayer is enabled both through the 3DS’s local wireless and conventional Wi-Fi.

The game features a variety of familiar jobs, weapons, monsters, and summons, a handful of which have been revealed. Players can definitely expect to see Black/White Mage, Monk, and Knight jobs, and the Ifrit summon. Expect to see plenty more; we’d be willing to guess that chocobos, Shiva, Bahamut, and the mighty Masamune all make appearances as well.

Rather than a single narrative that follows the style of the core series, Explorers features a flexible quest system reminiscent of Capcom’s Monster Hunter games or Square’s own previous Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles spin-off.

Final Fantasy Explorers is currently in development; there’s no release date, nor is there any word on whether or not that game will be released outside of Japan.