N-Gage Shipments Pass The Million Unit Mark

“The company’s senior vice president for games, Ilkka Raiskinen, announced the achievement at the European Games Network trade show in London yesterday – where the firm is also showcasing itsforthcoming N-Gage line-up.

While the figure represents shipments rather than sell-through, company spokespeople indicated that channel inventories are quite low, so the installed base isn’t far behind the million mark.

Raiskinen also revealed that around 150,000 N-Gage users have signed up to the N-Gage Arena service, representing around 15 per cent of the installed base of the system, and that the game deck has had a global tie ratio of “more than one, but less than two” software units.”

We are predicting that once Sony’s and Nintendo’s new hand-helds enter the market, people will be selling their N-Gage in favor of one of the other systems.

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