Namco And THQ Announce Nintendo DS Titles

Namco is supporting the launch of the Nintendo DS with two of its cherished franchises, Mr. DRILLER Drill Spirits and Ridge Racer DS. Taking advantage of the technology the new platform has to offer,both titles will utilize dual screen support and wireless connectivity to the fullest — providing players with the ultimate Nintendo DS gaming experience.

“The launch of the Nintendo DS marks an exciting time for the video game industry,” said Nobuhiro Kasahara, chief executive officer of Namco Hometek Inc. “The Nintendo DS offers a whole new approach to handheld gaming, and Namco is proud to bring two of its popular franchises to a system that will allow gamers to play these games in a truly unique way.”

Mr. DRILLER Drill Spirits offers the ultimate in drilling action, where players utilize the stylus and innovative dual-screen interface to avoid falling blocks and scramble for air capsules, in order to rescue their fellow Drillers, or collect power capsules to destroy the menacing Destroyer Drill! Players can play anytime, anywhere with various quick play modes or battle head-to-head with up to four other players through the Nintendo DS wireless capabilities.

From the arcade racing series gamers know and love, Ridge Racer DS delivers a whole new experience to racing fans by offering true analog steering through the Nintendo DS touch screen, up to six-player multiplayer races, a variety of exciting single-player racing modes and much more. Ridge Racer DS offers all the fast-paced action gamers have come to expect from the Ridge Racer name — now in the palm of their hands on the Nintendo DS.

THQ today announced that it plans to bring several of its key brands to the Nintendo DS portable game system.

Games based on the holiday 2005 theatrical release of a Walt Disney Pictures presentation of a Pixar Animation Studios film Cars, as well as several Nickelodeon properties including SpongeBob SquarePants and Tak are among THQ titles slated for development for the new system. Other THQ brands scheduled for release on Nintendo DS include Disney/ Pixar’s The Incredibles and Zoo Tycoon.

Additionally, THQ announced Ping Pals, a game that takes advantage of the highly anticipated two-way messaging feature in the DS system by allowing players to chat and play games with up to 16 of their friends. Each player will be able to create and customize their own avatar identity by choosing from thousands of items. Additional items can be bought by winning Ping Points during game play, as well as trading with friends. Ping Pals is currently scheduled to be a launch title for the new platform.

“Nintendo DS features like the dual screen, stylus and two-way messaging will enable our developers to create deeper, more compelling game play experiences for handheld gamers,” said Brian Farrell, president and CEO, THQ. “We look forward to the launch of Ping Pals this fall, as well as bringing many of our most popular brands to the system in 2005.”