NBA 2K11 Debuts New Trailer

nba 2k11 debuts new trailer xenon 0247

When it was announced that “His Airness” would be returning to the courts in the digital form of a playable character in NBA 2K 11, it pretty much guaranteed that basketball fans would be keeping a close eye on this game, if not just flat out planning on buying it. After watching the new trailer, there is a very good chance that NBA2 K11 will win over more than just Jordan fans.

Developed by Visual Concepts, and published by 2K games, the game will feature all the traditional basketball modes you would expect, including quick play, online games and the ability to design your own player and guide him through the D-Leagues to the pros. NBA 2K11 will also introduce “The Jordan Challenge”, a series of 10 memorable moments that will let players experience some of Jordan’s most memorable performances throughout his career. The challenges will be games with goals, including scoring 69 points or more in the March 28, 1990 game against the Cavaliers, and average 31 points or better through the 1991 NBA Finals against the Lakers- a second goal in that series would be to shoot better than 55-percent from the field.

NBA 2K11 is due out on all major platforms and handhelds on October 5, 2010.