NBA 2K12 announces new “Legends Showcase” DLC

nba 2k12 announces new legends showcase dlc drjNBA 2K12 is already a ridiculously packed game, filled with deep and ever-changing game modes that you can play for months without getting bored. Adding a whole new gameplay mode with a different look and feel is almost unfair to other sports games.

One of, if not the, best sports games of the year is not done yet. And with the NBA Lockout remaining…well, locked, the more basketball content the better, even if it is digital and not live action.

Today 2K Sports has announced an upcoming DLC for NBA 2K12, titled “Legends Showcase.” The add-on will cost you $9.99 via the PlayStation Network, or 800 MS Points through Xbox Live. Included in that cost will be a new way to play the game, along with a new look.

The Legends Showcase will feature a new cell-shaded design that will place you in New York’s Times Square. Gamers will be able to select over 150 of the NBA’s greatest players and compete in pick-up games ranging from 1-on-1 to 5-on-5. You can also play several mini-games, including H-O-R-S-E and 21, as well as 2-on-2 Teammate Challenge and 3-on-3 Era Challenge. Current NBA players can also be unlocked and added to the mix, and created players can also be imported over.

The DLC will also add the ability to play with the NBA Greatest Teams in an online quick game exhibition.

An official release date has not been given, other than “this holiday season.”