NBA 2K13 pits Barkley against Durant with 2012 and 1992 Olympic teams

nba 2k13 roster

The London Olympics closed on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop living the Olympic dream. Don’t stop rocking that happy hour for Olympic basketball games if you don’t want to! 2K Sports is actually going to lend you a helping hand come October when NBA 2K13 comes out, as the game will sport USA’s basketball teams both new and old.

The 2012 USA Basketball Men’s National Team—their official, unwieldy title—will be featured in the latest version of 2K’s annual NBA series. Since classic NBA players have become such an important part of the series, it’s not too surprising that the 1992 Olympic Dream Team that included Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and other superstars of the era will also make it into the game.

Turns out 2K13’s guest producer Jay Z insisted. “As executive producer, letting fans go head to head with these legendary USA teams was extremely important to Jay Z,” reads 2K’s press release.

There you have it. Not just Olympic basketball action but vintage Olympic basketball action, so adjust your Olympics Drinking Game rules appropriately.

Cool that the ’92 Dream Team is in there but 2K Sports and Jay Z should consider a more significant basketball match up from 1992 for inclusion: Godzilla versus Barkley.