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How to turn off commentary in NBA 2K22

Commentary is one of those features that bring NBA 2K22 to life. The game features real-life commentators like TNT’s Kevin Harlan and NBA TV’s Greg Anthony, among others, who share interesting facts about players on the court, react to gameplay, and sometimes have strategy suggestions that you could use to improve your play. It makes your on-court antics seem all the more real.

That being said, the commentary and get old quickly, especially if you’re playing with the same roster frequently. You don’t have to play long before you hear the same reaction to a dagger 3-point shot a few times or hear the story about superstar Kevin Durant skipping dances in high school to play basketball. It’s all interesting — but the devs at 2K obviously can’t record enough lines to not have a bit of repetition.

If you’re getting tired of hearing the same old commentary game after game, you might be looking for a way to shut it off completely and enjoy the ambient sounds of the game and crowd. We’re in the same boat. Here’s how to turn off commentary in NBA 2K22.

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How to turn off commentary in NBA 2K22

Turning off commentary is easy. Either pause in the middle of an ongoing game or find the settings via the game’s home screen, then locate the slider for Commentary Volume and move that slider all the way to the left to zero. When you return to the game, you’ll no longer hear any play-by-play or color commentary, instead just the ambient noise of the game and the crowd.

Obviously, you can adjust other sliders on this menu to further customize your in-game audio experience, including using a few presets that 2K recommends. Play around with different settings until you find an audio experience you enjoy. There are absolutely zero in-game audio queues, so adjusting any of these options will not affect gameplay in the slightest.

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