NBC Developing a Primetime Video Game Show

nbc developing a primetime video game show large logo

NBC is looking to expand its horizons. Joystiq is reporting that NBC is currently developing a new TV show that will focus on the world of gaming. No official release date or show name have been announced, but it could debut as early as this month.

According to Joystiq’s sources, the show is being helmed by former Ubisoft designer TJ “Ocman” Allard, who will co-host with Qore’s Audrey Cleo. The team is currently working on a pilot that includes footage from E3, as well as interviews with the Kinect’s Kudo Tsunada, and Mortal Kombat’s Ed Boon.

One source suggests that the show’s title will be “Game On”. It isn’t clear if this will be a weekly show in a news magazine style, a daily show to be paired with entertainment shows, or something different altogether.