New Black Ops commercial features Kobe and Kimmel joining the fight

new black ops commercial features kobe and kimmel joining the fight

Does anyone really need more advertisements for Call of Duty: Black Ops at this point? If you are a fan of the game, odds are you are already planning to hit your local store at midnight or shortly thereafter. But Activision does not just want a big release, it wants the biggest release of the year. So enter the newest commercial for Black Ops, which features a few familiar faces.

Possibly in an attempt to get more fans in the Boston area to purchase the title, Kobe Bryant is featured playing the game, as is Jimmy Kimmel. As are several little girls carrying shotguns, which is probably not the best timing, what with the case against violent videos games affecting youths being in the Supreme Court right now and all.

But head on out and grab your copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops tonight at midnight for your chance to shoot a digital Kobe!