New Dead Space animated movie due out on January 25

new dead space animated movie due out on january 25 downfall

Following in the steps of the animated film Dead Space: Downfall, EA and Anchor Bay have once again teamed up to bring another chapter of the Dead Space story to life, Dead Space: Aftermath.

The upcoming animated film takes place in the year 2509. All contact with the USG Ishimura has been lost, and a rescue team that contained Isaac Clarke has also ceased all communication. Mysteriously, the USG O’Bannon, the first ship sent to investigate what happened to the Ishimura has returned, but with only four surviving crew members. But why did the O’Bannon return, and how?  And what happened to the rest of the crew?

Judging by the series in general, you can expect that the answers to be found on the O’Bannon are going to be horrible. Dead Space: Aftermath takes place during the time between the two Dead Space games, and it will act as a standalone story that adds to the overall background. The events will likely shed light on what is coming in Dead Space 2, but it is not required viewing to follow the game.

Both Dead Space: Aftermath and Dead Space 2 will be due out on January 25, 2011.

[Warning: Trailer may not be suitable for all ages]