New domain name registrations hint at Valve’s movie plans

new domain name registrations hint at valves movie plans half life 3

Valve, video games’ most scrutinized independent company, registered a number of new domain names on the web in August, offering up a glimpse into the company’s future. There aren’t any nods to desired sequels like Left 4 Dead 3, Portal 3, or the fabled Half-Life 3 unfortunately. What the domains do illuminate is Valve’s continuing expansion into new fields beyond video games.

Reddit users noticed registrations for three websites:,, and None are active websites as of yet. How do we know they belong to Valve then? They were all registered by the company’s IT manager Chris Grinstead.

Earlier this month, Valve released a short documentary on the international Dota 2 tournament, so it’s already shown interest in making video content. What will its Free to Play or Ahead of the Game movies be about? The company’s had massive success with Team Fortress 2 which is free-to-play. That seems like a good candidate since it’s already produced a video about its other major free-to-play title, Dota 2.

Steam was a trailblazer in the digital distribution business so that might be an ideal subject for Ahead of the Game. The service is certainly due for a promotional push in light of all its new endeavors like non-gaming apps and Steam Greenlight.