New Halo: Reach Live-Action Trailer Debuts

new halo reach live action trailer debuts team artwork

You have to hand it to Microsoft and Bungie, they spare no expense on the marketing of their Halo games. Gone are the typical ads featuring scenes of in-game play, instead replaced by live-action ads that are more akin to short movies than commercials. The last such ad, called Birth of a Spartan, gave a little insight into the team you will be a part of.  The newest trailer is a bit more subdued, but it does offer bit of background.

In the newest clip for Halo: Reach uncovered by Kotaku, you won’t find any massive explosions, just a look at life for average soldiers on the planet Reach. It also mentions what may be a plot element- the attack of a military convoy by “human insurgents”.

It isn’t flashy, but it does add more depth to the world of Reach. Expect to see more of these soon.