New Medal of Honor Trailer Debuts

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EA is sparing no expense to make sure that the reboot of the Medal of Honor franchise is done right. Military specialists have been brought in to ensure the realism of the game, Dice (the company behind the hit Battlefield: Bad Company 2) is handling the multiplayer and the graphics are nothing short of amazing.

The game is due out on October 12 for the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3. The PS3 version will be called Medal of Honor:Limited Edition, and while it will cost the same as its Xbox360 and PC counterparts, it will include a digitally remastered copy of the PS2 hit Medal of Honor: Frontlines. as well as the exclusive MP7 submachine gun for online play, as well as access to two shotguns that will only be unlocked at higher levels for the other versions.

Check out the recently released trailer below.

Warning: This trailer may not be suitable for all ages.