New Silent Hill movie, Revelations, heading to theaters

new silent hill movie revelations heading to theaters 06

The first Silent Hill movie was considered a moderate success when it was released, at least by box office standards. The overall reviews were mixed, with some people criticizing the problematic story, while others saying at least it was better than the Super Mario Bros movie. A sequel to the original was announced as far back as 2006, but landed in development limbo after the director, Christophe Gans, and writer, Roger Avary, both were forced to back out due to previous commitments — Avary’s previous commitment being a manslaughter conviction stemming from a car crash while under the influence.

Fast forward a few years, and Fangoria is reporting that the sequel is back on track. The movie will be written and directed by Michael J, Bassett (Nightwatch, Soloman Kane), and the project is tentatively being titled Silent Hill: Revelations.

No word on when filming — or even casting for that matter — will begin, but the story will be loosely based on the game, Silent Hill 3. Revelations focuses on Heather Mason, an 18-year old girl who has spent her life on the run with her father from mysterious and dangerous force. As she turns 18 her father disappears, and Heather begins to realize that her life has been a lie. That discovery threatens to trap her in the demonic world of Silent Hill forever.