Next PlayStation To Show At E3 2005

“There has been some talk that development for a next generation game console has not been going well, but we will have a playable version ready by next spring,” said Sony’s game division head, Ken Kutaragi.

He did not specify when the new console would go on sale, but said it would follow a similar schedule to market as its predecessor, PlayStation 2 (PS2), which first went on sale in March 2000.

Nintendo has previously announced that it will bring its next-generation console, codenamed “Revolution”, to E3 next year – although Nintendo Europe PR boss Shelly Pearce today downplayed the importance of the PS3’s presence, pointing out that “in terms of PlayStation 3, ‘exhibited at E3’ and ‘coming to market’ are two very different things,” and stating simply that Nintendo plans to “talk about our vision for Revolution at E3 next year… but it’s far too early to talk about specifics now.”

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Source: Reuters