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NFL app for Xbox One gets Sunday Ticket, fantasy leagues, and more for 2014 season

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Microsoft’s NFL app for Xbox One is getting integration with DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket, more fantasy leagues, and a host of other features for the upcoming 2014 NFL season (via Polygon). The app arrived a somewhat late 12 weeks in to the 2013 NFL season due to the timing of the Xbox One launch, but still managed to become the top use of the new console’s Snap function. An August 2014 update to the app will add further improvements, making one of the strongest cases for Xbox One as an integrated, multimedia platform.

DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket subscription service allows you to stream every Sunday out-of-market game to a range of devices. Between Sunday Ticket and your local TV service, your Xbox will be able to stream the entire season. Snapping the NFL app in alongside a live game will supplement it with a customizable stream of data to enhance your viewing experience.

For this past season the app worked only with’s fantasy football service. Per one of the most frequent requests, that integration will open up to a longer list of fantasy platforms for the 2014 season. That means that whether you’re watching the live game, a movie on Netflix, or playing Call of Duty, a notification will pop up when one of your players makes a relevant play. You can then immediately bring up the app in Snap mode to watch the clip or boast to the rest of your league.

The app will also feature NFL Now, the personalized streaming service announced prior to the Super Bowl. The free, ad-supported version will bring you a stream of news, highlights, and analysis of your favorite teams and players. A paid subscription will additionally grant you access to the full NFL video vault, streamed in HD to your TV.

Users paying for the various integrated subscriptions will be able to get the most out of the app, but even without cable you will be able to view all the highlights, scores, and statistics that the NFL publishes on their website. The update will be coming to Xbox One some time in August in anticipation of the 2014 NFL season, which kicks off on September 4.

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