Nintendo 3DS Coming to Japan in November?

nintendo 3ds coming to japan in november

An employee from the peripheral manufacturer, KeysFactory, has claimed that the Nintendo 3DS might hit the streets on November 11, via his twitter account. Takahiro Amano, tweeted the following information, which was then picked up and translated courtesy of Kotaku:

“On November 20, eleven 3DS products that we designed will go on sale all at once. People who are buying the 3DS, buy it at the same time! There will be more details on our home page.”

Nintendo has stated that it will announce the official release date and price on September 29. No word on when we can expect the 3DS in America, as Nintendo’s American branch has simply claimed early 2011.

The Nintendo 3DS was originally announced in March, and was then showed off at E3, where we had the chance to see it in action. Ever since, speculation on the price and release has been rampant.

The man responsible for the tweet has since deleted his post, and the company has denied that it knows the exact release date. We will have to wait until the 29th to know who is telling the truth.