Nintendo brings Pikmin 2 back, but what’s left for Wii ahead of Wii U?

nintendo brings pikmin 2 back but whats left for wii ahead of u pikmins

There are many weird and wonderful Wii games that never made it to the United States. Zangeki no Regineiv, the on-rails retelling of Norse apocalypse myth Ragnarok; Disaster: Day of Crisis, the bizarre action game that had you surviving earthquakes and volcanic eruptions made by Monolithsoft before it finished Xenoblade Chronicles; or how about Captain Rainbow, the game where D-list Nintendo characters like Birdo and Crazy Tracy from Link’s Awakening needed a superhero to up their self-esteem.

Is Nintendo bringing any of them over to send off its last standard definition machine in a bizarre blaze of glory? Nah. It is bringing over New Play Control: Pikmin 2 though.

Originally released in Japan way back in the long, long ago of 2009, the Wii edition of Gamecube original Pikmin 2 added motion controls to the odd strategy game about a stranded spaceman and his plant-people servants. A New Play Control edition of the first Pikmin was released in the U.S. in 2009 but its sequel has been sitting on the shelf for three years.

The latest issue of Nintendo Power (via Nintendo Life) said that the Wii Pikmin 2 hits the U.S. this summer.

Nintendo no doubt wants to remind people that Pikmin exists before rolling out Pikmin 3 with the Wii U this fall. That’s all well good, but it’s a shame none of those aforementioned peculiar originals will make it to the U.S. before the Wii rides off into the sunset.