Nintendo Details Memory Card 1019 Issues

The new GameCube memory card, which features four times the storage space of Nintendo’s second-largest card, won’t work quite perfectly with a few games.
Konami’s Disney Sports Soccer, Disney Sports Skateboarding, and WTA Tour Tennis are all incompatible with the card and will not save games to it. Meanwhile, three other games have some more peculiar incompatibilities.

Sega’s Sonic Adventure 2 Battle won’t display the number of available blocks properly if there are more than 999 available, and is limited to only 99 saved games (although one wonders why anyone would ever want anywhere near that many). Darkened Skye will occasionally refuse to create new save files on the card — Nintendo suggests removing and reinserting the card to solve this issue. Finally, Backyard Football will lock up if it attempts to format the card, so Nintendo recommends using a different game to format it.

Altogether, a fairly minor selection of problems, but keep them in mind if you pick up a Memory Card 1019 this week.