Nintendo DS Gets MechAssault Game

Majesco Entertainment yesterday said they were bringing a MechWarrior game to the Nintendo DS handheld gaming system. The game, to be called MechAssault: Phantom War, will be available later this year at a as yet undisclosed time.

MechAssault: Phantom War, said Majesco, is the first handheld installment of the MechAssault series. The game will make use of the DS’s two screens by providing 3D mech combat in the top and touch screen controls via a cockpit controls view in the bottom. Other features will include over 20 types of vehicles, a new story line, wireless multiplayer combat and unlockable extras to enhance game play.

“MechAssault: Phantom War fuses the best game play elements from the series with new features that take advantage of the unique mechanics of the Nintendo DS,” said Ken Gold, vice president of marketing for Majesco Entertainment, in a statement. “The touch screen lets players intuitively ‘touch’ the cockpit controls to hack into giant ‘Mechs, eject pilots, switch weapons and check battle techniques.”