E3 2012: Nintendo gets a jump on E3 and releases details on the Wii U

Wii U detailsWe knew details on the Wii U were on the way, but Nintendo pulled a fast one and got the jump on the competition by revealing some of the long sought after details of the Wii U. Or at least a few of them.

In the video below, Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata, gives us our best look at the Wii U since its debut at last year’s E3. Among the things highlighted are a change to the tablet-like controller (including TV controls, drawing capabilities, and new thumbsticks), as well as the Wii U’s interactive potential that is shown via a very bizarre, tongue-in-cheek skit of the way that Wii U players can connect.

Wii U controllerThe Miis will play a huge part in that interactive connectivity, and much of that interaction will be classified under the name “Miiverse.” One thing obviously lacking from the Wii was the online sense of community, and that seems to be a lesson that Nintendo has taken to heart. The Miiverse will connect players on the Wii U, of course, but that network will also incorporate the 3DS, as well as future Nintendo hardware.

One such idea of interaction shown off is that players will be able to post comments about the game they are playing, and others can read and answer those posts when they are playing that game as well. One example shown is a particularly difficult section of a Mario game, where the gamer dies and sees several other posts from similar players that faced the same fate.

Connecting to the internet via a browser is also going to be a major feature of the Wii U, and a new, more traditional controller was also highlighted. The big questions though–things like price, release date, and technical details—won’t be released until Nintendo’s press conference this Tuesday.