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Read the first 145 issues of Nintendo Power online, right now

nintendo power
For more than 20 years, Nintendo fans across America got their fix of news, reviews, and discussion of the latest games from Nintendo Power. The final edition of the magazine was published in 2012, but now anyone can relive its early years online.

Every issue released during the first 13 years of Nintendo Power’s existence has been uploaded to There are 145 editions of the magazine available to read online, or download as a PDF, plain text, or several other formats that cater to specific types of ebook reader and other similar devices.

Nintendo fans can relive key moments in the company’s history. The first issue uploaded hypes up the impending release of Super Mario Bros. 2, and informs readers how to access the second quest in The Legend of Zelda, while the most recent edition currently uploaded previews the GameCube ahead of its launch in 2001.

The time span that the collection covers saw hardware debuts including the Game Boy, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and the Game Boy Advance. Readers can also find contemporary previews and reviews for titles that are still considered to be among the greatest of all time, like Super Mario World and Ocarina of Time.

There’s even special editions, like strategy guides that help players navigate through challenging games like Ninja Gaiden 2 and Final Fantasy. Also included is the magazine’s special 100th issue, which laid out the 100 best games from the history of Nintendo hardware up to that point.

This resource is a great blast of nostalgia for anyone who was a Nintendo fan through the 1990s, and a good history lesson for any video game enthusiasts who missed out on that era. Moreover, it’s a fitting tribute to a publication that meant a lot to its readers for the 24 years that it was in print.

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