Nintendo Revolution to Get More Oldies

Nintendo yesterday expanded the library of older console titles that will be available for their upcoming next generation Revolution gaming console as they announced partnerships with Sega and Hudson. New “old” games from these two partners will be made available for download to the Revolution via Nintendo’s upcoming Virtual Console online service.

Sega, said Nintendo in a statement, will make available for the Revolution a “best of” selection from more than 1,000 Genesis titles. Hudson, which co-developed the long ago TurboGrafx console, will also make available an as unannounced number of older titles as well. Sega and Hudson’s offerings will join Nintendo games from the NES, Super NES and Nintendo 64 eras for download from Virtual Console.

“Sega continues to develop innovative ways to showcase its new generation leadership,” added Naoya Tsurumi, Chief Executive Officer, SEGA of America, Inc. and Sega Europe, Ltd. “Sega support of the Virtual Console system will introduce more gamers to classic Genesis hits and reinvigorate many of our popular brands.”