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Nintendo Switch Sports: How to queue for multiple sports online

Grab your Joy-Cons, friends, and family, because Nintendo Switch Sports is here to bring back all those great memories of playing Wii Sports back on the Wii. This new sports title brings six exciting, motion-controlled events to your Nintendo Switch. You get returning favorites like bowling and tennis, a few new surprises to try out, plus various challenges and minigames inside of a few games to add even more variety outside of just playing by the traditional rules. However, unlike the Wii title, Nintendo Switch Sports leverages more features of the Switch console, including online play.




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What You Need

  • Nintendo Switch

  • Nintendo Switch Sports

While playing in the same room as others is usually the more ideal way to have fun with Nintendo Switch Sports, it isn't always an option. For those times, or just for the sake of finding new challenges, online play is there to give you more options to stay competitive even when you're playing by yourself. Most of the time, finding a match doesn't take long, but it is a little inconvenient to only queue up for one sport at a time. But there is a way you can look for multiple sports matches online at once, though it isn't available by default. If you want to speed up your queue times and find matches faster, here's how to queue for multiple sports at once when playing Nintendo Switch Sports online.

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A player kicks a giant soccer ball.

How to unlock multisport queues

By default, you can only search for single sport matches when looking for an online game, but you can unlock the option to queue up for three to make your wait basically non-existent. Here's how to unlock this feature.

Step 1: Either alone or cooperatively with a friend, select a sport to play offline against the AI.

Step 2: Complete that match, win or lose, and then select a second, different sport to play against AI.

Step 3: Play a third and final sport of your choosing in offline mode against the AI.

Step 4: Go back to online play and you can now select three sports to search for simultaneously.

Two sportsmates swordfight in Nintendo Switch Sports.

It won't take you long to unlock this option in Nintendo Switch Sports and is really more of a formality than anything else. Nintendo just wants to make sure everyone is at least familiar with most of the sports in the game before letting people dive into the world of online competition. Once you load up which three sports you want, you will be placed in a match with whichever one of those the game can find a match for first.

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