Nintendo to exhibit at CES, DSi Black Friday bundles

nintendo-ds-mario-red-bundleIn an effort to stave off falling sales, Nintendo has announced an orange DSi and green DSi bundle for $150. Both bundles will come with a copy of Mario Party DS. This is the third bundle the Big N has announced in the last month. A few weeks ago, the company began selling a $200 “Mario-red” Wii bundle that included a Wii, Wii Remote Plus, Wii Sports, a red nunchuk, and Super Mario Bros. Wii. There is also a red DSi XL bundle available; it comes with Mario Kart DS.

Game system bundles are a tried and true way to boost sales of a console during its later years on the market and no one is more familiar with the practice than Nintendo. The Wii has come bundled with Wii Sports since it hit the market in 2006.

Nintendo is especially desperate to stay relevant this holiday season. In October, the company posted its first six-month loss in seven years. Both Wii and DS have seen steep sales declines this year as other game systems continue to flourish. Having said that, Nintendo does still have the two best-selling systems on the market in terms of overall sales. Nintendo of America President Reginald Fils-Aime believes the Wii has another 15 million in sales before its successor hits the market.

Nintendo at CES

Though Fils-Aime says that a Wii successor is years away, Nintendo has signed up to exhibit new products at the January Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This is the first time the game company has appeared at CES in 16 years. Microsoft and Sony are also joining the show, which runs from January 6-9, 2011. CES, it seems, will have a strong video game presence.

“With the gaming market expected to generate $20.3 million in 2010, the International CES is the must-stop hub for innovative gaming products, and will allow CES attendees to experience the future of gaming from an amazing range of innovative companies,” proclaimed CES organiser Karen Chupka.

Nintendo is expected to focus on its new 3DS, a handheld successor to the Nintendo DS that has 3D capabilities without glasses. Hopefully, a few details about the Wii 2 will leak as well.