Nintendo TVii is pushed into 2013 in the European Union

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Nintendo Wii U is off to a decent start, with 400,000 consoles sold in the US over its first week. On Friday, Wii U will branch out to the rest of the world, releasing across the European Union as well as in Australia. Much like with the consoles US release, some of the Wii U’s most anticipated features won’t be available out of the box, but it looks like European Wii U owners will have to wait even longer for those apps, particularly Nintendo TVii.

While Nintendo TVii has been promised to hit the US in December, Nintendo confirmed via a post on its official UK homepage that the service won’t be available abroad until 2013. The careful wording also implies that Nintendo TVii won’t be ubiquitously available throughout Europe as it will only release in “selected regions.”

Of all the Wii U’s non-gaming apps, Nintendo TVii is the one with the most raw potential, giving the console functionality not offered by its competitors. Microsoft has worked overtime to identify the Xbox 360 as a video entertainment portal. It was the first to offer Netflix streaming, the first to host devoted apps like ESPN Xbox, but it also doesn’t interact with your live television service like Nintendo TVii is supposed to. At this point, though, it’s impossible to tell what Nintendo TVii actually is. Until it’s actually on the market, it’s impossible for Nintendo to use the service as a selling point for Wii U. With this delay for the European market, it looks as though the hill Nintendo TVii has to climb is steeper than expected.