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Nintendo Wii unofficially drops to $170

Reports have been swirling that Nintendo of America has been getting ready to drop the price of its popular Wii console in the United States from $199.99. And while there is still no official pricing change from Nintendo itself, major retailers seem to be jumping the gun, knocking $30 off the price of Nintendo Wii systems in the inventory and offering the units for $169.99. Brick-and-mortar retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Gamestop seem to have led the charge, with the likes of Amazon almost immediately on their heels.

Nintendo Wii (black)
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The consoles are the current standard black NIntendo Wii starter pack, with a single Wii Remote Plus controller (with MotionPlus technology), a nunchuck controller extension, the original Wii Sports game collection plus the MotionPlus-enabled Wii Sports Resort. Just like other Wii consoles, the system can connect to a home broadband connection via Wi-Fi, and gamers can download WiiWare and Virtual Console games, and Netflix subscribers can stream standard-definition movies to their television via the Wii.

The still-unofficial price drop comes on reports that Nintendo is getting ready to announce a HD-capable update to the Wii in June, although the reports don’t have the possible new console reaching consumers until the 2012 holiday buying season.

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On the official news front, Nintendo has announced that it’s offering a bundle of Wii Sports Resort and Wii Party for a combined price of $39.99 starting April 25, and the Super NES classic Mega Man X will be available this week for the Wii’s Virtual Console for 800 Wii Points.

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