Nintendo’s fortunes improve stateside

After a week in which Nintendo of Europe’s boat has been rocked time and again by news of aggressive retail price cutting and threats of key retailers dropping the GameCube in the UK, some good news is forthcoming at last – albeit from the other side of the Atlantic.

A new report from Nintendo of America shows that both the GameCube and the Game Boy Advance saw massive improvements in their fortunes in the USA last month, which bodes well for the huge releases the company has planned on both platforms in the coming week.

The GameCube saw a 110 boost in sales during February compared with the previous month, and a quarter of a million new GBAs were also sold during the month. Most impressively, Nintendo claims that the software tie ratio for the GameCube has hit 8.4 to 1 year to date, which is an extremely healthy figure and translates into a very big bag of cash indeed for Nintendo.

This week is the biggest of the year so far on Nintendo’s calendar in America, with the GameBoy Advance SP appearing in shops on March 23, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker popping up on March 24 and last but certainly not least, the first GBA versions of the Pokemon franchise, namely Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, showing up this week.