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Oil Rush game trailer: It’s like Waterworld meets Battleship

oil rush gameWhen did naval strategy scenarios become all the rage? Did we miss a memo?

Hot on the heels of the new trailer for Peter Berg’s Battleship movie comes a new trailer for Oil Rush, an upcoming real-time strategy game that has players fighting for control of the seas in a post-apocalyptic future where dry land is a thing of the past.

The game appears to be equal parts Waterworld and Command & Conquer, with a nice helping of Battleship and tower defense thrown into the mix for good measure. As the trailer indicates, the game unfolds in a world devastated by a war that submerged all of the land masses, and players fight to build and control floating platforms and the oil resources they provide.

The cinematic in the trailer is appropriately creepy, with the narrator explaining the game’s back story while an hourglass filled with oil measures the time.

The game is being developed independently by the in-house team at Unigine, a company based in Siberia.

According to the game’s official website, a PC version of the game will be released this fall, with Linux, Mac, and Playstation 3 versions coming down the road.

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